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Panatronix leading Italian manufacturer in the ultrasonic cleaning for Industry. Over 30 years of experience allow us to offer quality products and innovative solutions with significantly higher results than traditionals.

Panatronix production:

Generators, Immersible Transducers

Ultrasonic tanks for industrial use

Ultrasonic washing plants

Generator "SCUDO"

Flexsonic, anti-erosion
robotic Tig welding


Over 30 years of experience in industrial cleaning, applied in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Metal treatment and surface finishing
  • Coatings
  • Galvanic
  • Electropolishing
  • Anodic oxidation
  • Washing after metals cleaning
  • galvanizing electrolytic
  • deoxidation after heat treatment
  • deoxidation after welding
  • chemical nickel plating
  • chromium plating
  • Silvering and gilding
  • Cataphoresis Coating
  • Wire drawing industries
  • washing plants

Ultrasonics science focuses on acoustic waves, with a frequency above the highest audible signal (16kHz).

The high energy content of an ultrasonics wave generated in a liquid can be used for industrial washing purposes.

The phenomenon, called CAVITATION, consist in the rapid and continuos formation and implosion of milions of microscopic bubbles charged with water vapour (not to be confused with the formation of air bubbles).

The mechanical action of the violent waves caused by implosions, combined with an appropriate chemical action of the detergent, removes the impurities in every part of the objects immersed in the ultrasound washing tank.

An ultrasonic equipment consists of a Generator which drives one or more Transducers



It is the most important feature when ultrasounds work long, high power and in harsh environments such as galvanic. Even if a well designed and constructed ultrasonic equipment is always subject to wear and reduce its life:
Generator: The generator is an electronic air-cooled device that, despite the filters, is subjected to dust and vapors that reduce its life, especially in an industrial environment, particularly harsh environments such as galvanic.
Panatronix it has definitively solved the problem by isolating and protecting all the electronic parts by means of the HEAT EXCHANGER INCORPORATED “SCUDO”(patented).
Transducer: The transducer, or rather the vibrating surface, is the weakest part of an ultrasonic device as it vibrates tens of thousands of times per second and is subjected to erosion. The erosion by cavitation progressively REDUCES the PERFORMANCE of the vibrating surface to the point of piercing it and making it UNUSABLE. The stainless steel Aisi 304 or Aisi 316 (generally the Aisi 300 series) has a low resistance to erosion especially if you use high power continuously. To increase the resistance to erosion the stainless steel can be hard-to-thick chrome-plated.
Panatronix was used chrome-plated stainless steel AISI 316 until 1999 : from 2000 it used a special and exclusive
ANTI-EROSION and ANTI-CORROSION MATERIAL with characteristics far superior to chrome-plated stainless steel Aisi 316 and such as to allow an average use of about 10 years for 10 hours of work per day in high power.
ROBOTIC TIG WELDING and FLEX-SONIC (patented) are additional guarantee in case of immersible transducers use.

Panatronix market leader for longstanding ultrasounds, high power and resistent in harsh industrial environments (as galvanic).


Depending on the materials to be treated and the type of contaminant to be removed, the best frequencies are chosen. In general, low frequencies are used for the most tenacious and harsh contaminants while high frequencies are used to remove light contaminants or micro particles. The frequencies used in the washing range from 20 to 200 KHz. Panatronix shall place at the disposal of customers its test laboratory with washing tanks from 20–30–40–70–100-120-170 KHz to identify the most appropriate frequency.


For each type of application the required power and its correct distribution in the washing tank must be calculated.
Read carefully the following in order to avoid errors in calculation and evaluation:
The REAL AVERAGE POWER is measured in WATT and should not be confused with the APPARENT POWER that is measured in VA.

The peak power is usually indicated with a double value of the real one and sometimes easily with a value four times of the real one, playing on the equivocal that the peak power is the maximum power that can be supplied.
Considering the volume of the liquid, the power is often expressed in Watt / liter.
The amount of power needed is calculated based on the chemical-physical parameters of the liquid and the pieces.
Panatronix is specialized in high power and performance with generators from 1.000-2.000-3.000-4.500-6.000-8.000-10.000 Watt each.
In case of doubt contact Panatronix to undergo any type of technical and economic comparison as well as any comparison test of the washing efficiency.