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Transform your tank into
an ultrasound tank
applying one or more transducers

Placed on Wall or Bottom
on Corner suitable
in the absence of lateral space

Flexsonic hose

A) Automated TIG welding
B) Flexsonic hose
C) Anti-erosion material

New ultrasonic Immersible Transducers

Application of ultrasounds
to Planting Barrel or Static Plants


Measurement of efficency
of ultrasounds in the tank


Connected to the respective ultrasonic Generators, the Panatronix Immersible Transducers vibrating at ultrasonic frequency, they give rise to the phenomenon called CAVITATION.

The Immersible Transducers Panatronix are made of:

  • AISI 316L stainless steel, for occasional use and medium / low powers
  • in exclusive anti-erosion and anti-corrosion material for continuous use and medium / high powers

The adaptability and easy application of the ultrasonic Immersible Transducers transform any cleaning or rinsing tank into an ultrasound tank.

Number, position and power of Immersible Transducers depend on liquid volume, mass, shape and type of parts to be washed.

Immersible Transducers can be placed on:

  • Corner (particularly suitable in the absence of lateral space)

  • Wall ( Flexsonic pipe or flange hole )

  • Bottom ( Flexsonic pipe or flange hole )


Due to their innovative characteristics Immersible Transducers are leader in reliability, durability and consistent performance over time.

JUNCTION GI.MET: The vibrating elements contained in the transducer are piezoelectric (PZT) with high intensity and efficiency, and transmit the vibration to the surface of the transducer through a special and exclusive plant of metallurgical junction.

PERFORMANCE OVER 98%: The metallurgical joint allows a transmission of energy complete and constant in time.

MATERIALS AND COATINGS: The Immersible transducers they are made of INOX AISI 316L stainless steel or an exclusive alloy with anti-erosion and anti-corrosion characteristics much higher than INOX AISI 316L stainless steel.

AUTOMATED TIG WELDING: Compared to normal manual welding, ensure maximum durability.

FLEX SONIC (PATENTED: Resistant to ultrasonic cavitation.It consists of a coaxial PTFE double-tube with independent seals.

SYSTEM OF WATERTIGHT SEAL WET-LESS, against atmospheric humidity

GUARANTEE LIFE TIME: Unlike traditional junctions, subjected to phenomena of progressive aging and detachment, the GI.MET junction is guaranteed for the entire duration of the vibrant surface.

MORE THAN 30 MODELS: On request ultrasonic immersible transducers special sizes.


Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers can be applied with:

  • Planting Static Plants
  • Planting Barrel Plants
  • Cleaning Basket Plants
  • Cleaning Barrel Plants

Panatronix boasts of strong experience in solving problems related to the galvanic preparation and intermediate and final washes. In particular, are solved in line:

  • Removal of oils and polishing pastes
  • Cleaning of welds
  • Elimination of oxides
  • Intermediate and final washes in demineralized water


The CAVITATION provides the mechanical energy needed for cleaning the pieces immersed in the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

In physics there is not a unit of measurement of cavitation.

The value Watt/liter, often mentioned, it refers to the ratio of the power, applied to the tank, and volume in litres inside it and not to the value of cavitation generated that, for the same power and volume, changes depending on chemical and physical parameters of liquid.

To test the CAVITATION and the ultrasonic washing efficiency, it is used the CAVITOMETER, a tool based on the analysis and processing of the acoustic spectrum generated by cavitation bubbles.

The CAVITOMETER can't give absolute values in terms of units of cavitation, but it is a simple and useful tool with reference values that allow you to:

  • Check the efficiency of the ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Compare the cavitation in one ore more ultrasonic cleaning tanks
  • Monitor changes in cavitation in time
  • Verify the influence on cavitation of the physical and chemical parameters of the liquid
  • Check the uniformity of cavitation in different points of the ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Optimize the conditions of cavitation and washing


  • Power supply: rechargeable battery
  • Probe: stainless steel
  • Probe Lengh: 30 cm
  • Probe Diameter: 1 cm
  • Cable Lengh: 120 cm
  • Temperature: 0-100 degree